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West Side Story International Tour - Prague, Czech  Republic

The Centennial World Tour in Manila

'And, to put it mildly: The dancing--Joey McKneely's superlative recreation of the original Jerome Robbins choreography, now brought to thrilling life by a cast of triple threats--deserves every bit of the stage time it gets, if not more...'

The Columbia Paper Review

'In the acting department, Veronica Fiaoni as Anita shines. Her Anita is tough but feminine, sexy and strong. In Act II, she and Pinero sing an unusually beautiful and moving rendition of “A Boy Like That/I Have a Love.”...'

Alan Ilagan's Review on West Side Story

'The rest of the cast is far more than supporting, particularly the fiery performances of Veronica Fiaoni as Anita (absolutely stealing every scene she’s in) and the impassioned rendering by William Raff, bringing a palpable intensity to his Bernardo. In fact, it’s the intricate ensemble work and the way the cast works as a whole that fuels this ‘Story’ and sets it soaring. Witness the ‘Tonight’ Quintet – widely considered to be one of the greatest scenes in musical theater history.  It’s a highlight of this production, with Kinney making the most of the Mac-Haydn’s in-the-round stage construction as a prelude to the Act I finale...'

J. Peter Burgman's Review on West Side Story

'Veronica Fiaoni and William Ruff are very down-to-earth types who bring a strong sense of reality to their characters. We can practically inhale the ambient sensuality that accompanies each of them onto the stage. Both are strong dancers and she sings like a dream. They make quite a pair and in being so strong make a heavy statement about staying "with your own kind,"...'

The Aspen Times Review on Mamma Mia

'It’s an ensemble-driven show where just about everybody in the cast of 20 gets their time to shine...'

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